AEES Spring Picnic

1st Industry Luncheon: Arcadis!

It’s our first company sponsored luncheon of the year! Join all your AEES friends and professionals from Arcadis for a delicious lunch and networking opportunities tomorrow. Make sure to bring your resume because they are looking to hire summer interns in Atlanta, Chattanooga, Mobile, and Birmingham ASAP. See you there!

When: Thursday at 10:50 am

Where: Mason 3133

Who: You and your CEE friends!!

1st Spring Meeting

Welcome back everyone! Come out to our 1st meeting of the new year! Find out what AEES has in store this semester (Career Fair, Earth Day, Spring Symposium, etc.) and get some free lunch!

When: Thursday February 1

Where: Mason 3133

Who: YOU and your CEE friends!

AEES Holiday Potluck

AEES will be hosting a Potluck before we all leave for Winter Break! There will be exciting food and music, so be sure to make a dish and come have a good time. Good luck preparing for your finals!

When: Tues Dec 5: 11 am – 1 pm

Where: ES&T 3rd floor lounge

Who: YOU and your friends!

AEES Homecoming Tailgate

Come join AEES for a tailgate filled with food, games, and other tailgate activities before the Wake Forrest homecoming game! We will be providing a grill and burgers and show off your impressive cooking skills by bringing a snack too (sign up). RSVP through our Facebook event.  AEES members and friends welcome!

When: Sat Oct 21: 5:30-7:30 pm

Where: BioTech Quad

Who: YOU and your friends!